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About Perry - Put Yourself First

About Perry

Perry1 For twenty years I have worked in education as a special education teacher and now as  a Technology Integration Specialist. I love what I do, but sometimes struggle with a teacher’s salary. My friend, Ronda Hendrix, called me one night to tell me about a new business model Beachbody was offering. Now, I had been offering free coaching on the Beachbody message boards for years and when she told me they were rolling out a compensation plan for coaches, I was quite skeptical.

Nevertheless, I signed up to be an Independent Beachbody Coach in January 2007 with butterflies in my stomach. I figured the discount savings alone would offset the minimal costs of the monthly coaching fees. So, I was willing to at least give this a try. I quickly overcame my skepticism.

I had no experience with any network marketing stuff and to tell you the truth I had a negative attitude about the concept. After much research, team calls, training and discussions with people who had experience, it became clear to me that this was not your ordinary at-home business. When I stepped back and told myself, “Hey, this is Beachbody. Their fitness programs brought you amazing results and you were skeptical when you bought those off the infomercial. Why doubt them now?” So, I dug in.

Learning that Beachbody would assign actual paying customers to coaches (reps), and allow those coaches to earn commissions from the customer purchases, well,  I was impressed. My goal right away was to get qualified for customer leads. To this day I have developed and maintained many friendships because of those leads.

I really got fired up when Beachbody created a business opportunity infomercial that should prove to attract thousands of new coaches into the teams of existing, qualified coaches.  I definitely made sure I was one of those qualified coaches. It’s obvious that these amazing business practices by Beachbody are going to make other companies take a good hard look at how they do business.

summit-group2009 Now, here I am with a great network of coaches and enjoying the benefits of a nice residual, weekly check and I get the biggest rush from helping people get healthy and fit and learn about their success. I definitely love and cherish the awesome friendships that have come as a result!

Do things happen for a reason? I like to think so given the experiences I have had the past years. I am still stunned at how an infomercial in 2002  completely changed my life. I keep pinching myself. Who would have thought I’d get in the best shape of my life, feel absolutely amazing and help others do the same? On top of that become more and more secure with my finances. My next goal is to help others experience these same things! I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I have set the intention to give myself the freedom to work on my own schedule and have the time to spend doing the things in life that people wait until retirement to do! Bring it on!

PT-sing I am pumped at what the future holds. From what I understand, Team Beachbody is in its infancy and will see some explosive growth in the very near future. I’m glad I set my skeptical self aside and got started as a coach. I am pumped for those people who join me as together as we share these life-changing experiences. So, join me and the crew and let’s see how far we can take this!

Here’s my commitment to you as a member of my team:
You can expect to receive all the support you need to build a successful business.  I will not build your business for you, but I will teach you a simple system for building your business while you get yourself healthy and fit. I will also make available all of the tools you will need to achieve your goals. I’m trying to contain my excitement here as I type and not get all “cheerleader” here, but I am excited for your future. Oh, OK… “Go Team Go!” Ah, that feels better!

My team and I are always on the look out for the latest social media tips and trick as well as effective (and free or low cost) Internet tools to help you with your business. So, you will benefit from our discoveries!

Communication is very important to me, so you can count on responses to emails and phone contact.

Here’s to you and here’s to us! Welcome to the team!


See my video and photo journey here.