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Perry Tinsley - Put Yourself First

Root Canal And Fitness

Megan Davies – New Beachbody Super Trainer – Clean Week

Megan Davies, creator of the new 7-day health and fitness program, Clean Week, is the newest Beachbody Super Trainer. She was winner of the fitness reality show, and she has spent years as a personal trainer, working with clients, earning her NSCA certification, and opening her own gym. Megan shares her story and how you […]

Clean Week 7 Day Health And Fitness Program

Will Clean Week Get You Healthy And Fit In Just 7 Days? What is Clean Week? Clean Week is a 7-day fitness and nutrition program designed to help you kick-start healthy habits that get real results and can lead to a lifestyle change that sticks! You get 4 workouts, a step-by-step meal planner, and a […]

GMO, Baru Nuts and 3 Tips To Live A Super Life – Darin Olien Part 4

Darin Olien gives his insights about GMO, Baru Nuts and 3 Tips To Live A Super Life. I did not know about the hidden secret to GMO and the story of experimenting with adding a fish gene into tomatoes to increase the fruit’s frost-tolerance. Also, we talk about the Baru Nut, a delicious nut which […]

The Life Force Of Water For A Super Life – Darin Olien Part 3

Darin Olien says, everything depends on the water we drink. If we pay attention to the water we have inside of us, we will instantly improve our chances for a vital, thriving life. I am so excited for you to learn from my special guest, Darin Olien, about the single easiest way to improve our […]

Vegan Eating & Building Muscle – Darin Olien Part 2

Vegan eating and muscle building. Many wonder if it can be done! Special guest, Darin Olien, Super Food Hunter, shares his thoughts on eating a plant-based diet and still building muscle. Darin is known as the Indiana Jones of finding the ultimate superfoods. He is the Co-creator of Shakeology & Ultimate Reset, A Superfood Hunter, […]

Our Solar Eclipse in Stanley ID – Check Out The Mountains!

Our Solar Eclipse! What a fun day! We drove to Stanley, ID to see the total solar eclipse! Enjoy Korri Anderson’s time lapse footage! So cool what happens to the mountains!

Darin Olien – Superfood Hunter Part 1

Darin Olien, Superfood Hunter – Part 1 I am so honored and super excited to bring this special guest, Darin Olien, – Super Food Hunter, to you! He will be sharing his wisdom and insights on a variety of topics from traveling the globe in search of high nutrient superfoods, living a super life, 3 […]

Snap Stories – Week In The Life Of A Coach

I was intrigued when I saw Chalene Johnson post a week of Snap stories, so wondered what my journey over a week’s time would look like! I’m on SnapChat @ PerryTinsley

Heavy Smoker To Fit Guy

Going from heavy smoker to fit guy is not easy! Especially after 20+ years of smoking 2 packs a day. Have you ever had an addiction? Alcohol? Drugs? Sugar? Food? Caffeine, etc? Breaking these habits takes hard work and discipline, but it’s possible, right? In this episode I discuss how I overcame the nicotine habit, […]