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Health & Fitness Archives - Put Yourself First

Put A Charge Into Life Experiences

PUT A CHARGE INTO LIFE EXPERIENCES! Creating moments and putting spice into life keeps you feeling alive, new, refreshed and happy! Here are some ideas! Take a getaway every 90 days. This can be either by yourself or with a spouse or significant other. It doesn’t have to be a trip around the world. It can […]

Clean Week 7 Day Health And Fitness Program

Will Clean Week Get You Healthy And Fit In Just 7 Days? What is Clean Week? Clean Week is a 7-day fitness and nutrition program designed to help you kick-start healthy habits that get real results and can lead to a lifestyle change that sticks! You get 4 workouts, a step-by-step meal planner, and a […]

Our Solar Eclipse in Stanley ID – Check Out The Mountains!

Our Solar Eclipse! What a fun day! We drove to Stanley, ID to see the total solar eclipse! Enjoy Korri Anderson’s time lapse footage! So cool what happens to the mountains!

Finding The Time To Exercise

Finding Time To Exercise can be a challenge when so many of us lead super busy lives. It seems like you’re trying to squeeze in 28 hours of activity into a 24 hour day. How do you put yourself first and still have time for everything else? Listen or watch this week’s show! I hope […]

Shift Shop Workout Program – Fitness Trainer Chris Downing

The Shift Shop Workout By Beachbody Is Coming Soon I am super pumped that Beachbody announced this fitness program by Chris Downing called, Shift Shop. This is a 3-week rapid results type of program. It doesn’t matter where you came from. Or where you’ve been. You can always reinvent yourself. When you have someone like Chris […]

Beginner Workout Tips

Beginner Workout Tips Needing some beginner workout tips? There you are. Ready to get started! To get fit! To really commit and to it this time! You get the workout gear and shoes. Then you decide to do some research because you have a few questions: When is the best time to workout? How long […]

Setting Effective Fitness Goals

Let’s talk about setting effective fitness goals. Fitness goals were things that eluded me for years, because they were just wishes. Things I kept thinking about, but never did anything. It boiled down to priorities. Deciding which goals are the most important and which should be put on hold. Putting off exercise until someday did […]

Hidden Gems To Visit

ABOUT TODAY’S SHOW: Hidden Gems To Visit Near Where You Live Today’s podcast is filmed in front of Shoshone Falls in Twin Falls, Idaho. It’s a spectacular waterfall higher than Niagara. The Snake River flows thru it. Just up the river is where Evel Knievel tried to jump the snake river back in 1974 with […]

Tips To Stick With A Fitness Program

Struggling to stick with a fitness program? In this episode, Perry shares 12 tips to help you stay the course. We all know it’s easy to talk yourself out of a workout. Even though you have the best intentions! Excuses seem to come so easy, don’t they? Can you think of a few excuses you use? This […]

10 Year Anniversary – Special Guest Fran Patoskie

Ten Years Of The Power Blast! Can you believe it?? In this special 10 Year Anniversary episode, Perry interviews Special Guest, Fran Patoskie! Fran shares her story of fitness events, discovering coaching, P90X, becoming an entrepreneur, and her top tips for health and fitness as we age. Check out the live video interview with Fran Patoskie here! […]