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Health & Fitness Archives - Put Yourself First

Ways To Beat Sugar Cravings At Night

Looking for ways to beat sugar cravings at night? Somehow the downfall of many health and fitness goals happen at night when the sugar craving hit and lead to binging or late night snacking. How do you beat these sugar cravings at night? Check out these tips! I hope they will help you! In this episode, […]

Top Ways To Reduce Stress

Are you looking for top ways to reduce stress? You may or may not know that stress can really impact your body, thoughts, behaviors and even how you feel. And if you let stress keep building, I have heard it can lead to many health problems such as obesity, diabetes, heart issues and high blood […]

A Letter Of Forgiveness To Myself

A few years back a mentor of mine was asking if I had ever fully forgiven myself for the death of my wife, Terri Tinsley, who was tragically killed in a car crash back on December 2003. While I was not involved in that accident, I did feel guilt about not having driven her to her […]

Which Type Of Decision Maker Are You?

SO…. Which Type Of Decision Maker Are You? Today is a day that you’re going to make a decision. You see, there are four types of individuals I coach who start a health and fitness program. Right now you’re going to make a decision on who you are going to be moving forward. Which type of […]

Struggling To Get Fitness Results?

Are you struggling to get fitness results? You know, I used to struggle big time. I would strategize these big plans in my head. I would join a gym or workout in my basement with the circuit equipment I bought from JC Penney. Yep. I had big plans and I had my own strategy for doing […]

Core Test For Core Strength And Stability

  Ever try a Core Test? A core strength and stability test to see how strong and stabile your core truly is? This year marks the 10 year anniversary since I posted a demonstration of doing the Core Test (listed below)! I was trying to prove to myself my core had gotten stronger after doing […]

Vegan Chocolate Blueberry Shakeology Recipe – Boosted Thick

This is a blueberry Shakeology recipe that is not your typical recipe! SO often I am asked how I make my Shakeology recipe! I love to make my Shakeology thick and smooth! So thick as a matter of fact, I eat it with a spoon. Somedays it’s thick like ice cream. Other days like pudding. […]

5 Tips On How To Start A Workout Routine

Are you wanting to know how to start a workout routine? These 5 tips will help you. For years I struggled to figure out how to start a workout routine and actually stick with it. The thing I figured out is that I was putting many roadblocks in my way before I even started. My wish […]

Hammer And Chisel – What To Expect In This Workout

Hammer and Chisel is coming and many people are fired up with all the results coming out of the Coach Test Group. I was one of those participants in The Master’s Hammer and Chisel Coach Test Group. I am often asked what to expect in this workout in just 60 days. One thing you can expect for […]

Forgiving Yourself Is So Hard

Forgiving yourself is so hard, especially when it comes to losing a loved one. It’s easy to start blaming things, people and the events themselves. As you learned in “The Day We Lost Terri” she had to go to a dental appointment the morning of her death for a root canal. That was one major […]