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Podcast Archives - Put Yourself First

Power Blast 540 Make Small Shifts In Mindset to Dramatically Improve the Quality of Your Life

Breathing Exercises To Relieve Stress

So often we tend to breathe very shallow. Go ahead and see how you are breathing at the moment. Am I right? In this episode I am going to walk you thru 2 ways you can do right now and put into practice every day. You may just find these breathing exercise to relieve stress […]

Help! I Worked Out And I’m So Sore!

Help! I Worked Out And I’m So Sore! Power Blast Podcast Episode 538 Free Cheat Sheet: 7 Steps To Great Abs at Ever say, “Help! I Worked Out And I’m So Sore!” Maybe it was yesterday or the day before and you did a strenuous workout. Maybe it was the first time in your […]

Leaving A Legacy

Leaving a legacy! What will your legacy be? What do you want to be known for when you’re gone? What story are you writing? What will live on the hearts of the people you touch? Join me at the Terri Tinsley Dog Exercise Area as we ponder these deep questions to ponder about what kind […]

Working Out When You’re Sad Or Grieving

Have you ever experienced something dramatic where you felt lost or sad? Or have you lost a loved one or pet? This episode may help. It’s about working out when you’re sad or grieving. I think exercise can improve your mood for sure, but what do you do when you’re in a funk and just […]

Power Blast 535 Shaun T Workout Series Shaun Week

Manage Your Energy

Manage Your Energy Power Blast Podcast Episode 534 Free Cheat Sheet: 7 Steps To Great Abs at Manage your energy not your time! Whether you are getting a workout in, fueling your body with dense nutrition, meditating, cranking up the tunes, getting together with friends, many things can charge up your energy. Let’s talk […]

Finding The Time To Exercise

Finding Time To Exercise can be a challenge when so many of us lead super busy lives. It seems like you’re trying to squeeze in 28 hours of activity into a 24 hour day. How do you put yourself first and still have time for everything else? Listen or watch this week’s show! I hope […]

Beginner Workout Tips

Beginner Workout Tips Needing some beginner workout tips? There you are. Ready to get started! To get fit! To really commit and to it this time! You get the workout gear and shoes. Then you decide to do some research because you have a few questions: When is the best time to workout? How long […]

Setting Effective Fitness Goals

Let’s talk about setting effective fitness goals. Fitness goals were things that eluded me for years, because they were just wishes. Things I kept thinking about, but never did anything. It boiled down to priorities. Deciding which goals are the most important and which should be put on hold. Putting off exercise until someday did […]