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Action Plan To Lose Weight

Action Plan To Lose Weight and Get Fit

Warren Buffet said, “The most powerful investment you can make right now is in yourself.”

When it comes to to losing weight and getting in shape, it takes massive, determined action on your part. You need an action plan to lose weight and get fit! It’s never easy to get started. A lot of times we come up with so many excuses why we can’t work out or exercise and most excuses are B.S. When you come to the realization that we can’t control our external environment, but we can influence it. You become powerful. You control you and you can flip the switch of your attitude, state, and outlook in a matter of a moment.

For many people it takes a tipping point. That point when you say, enough is enough. Something has gotta give. Maybe you are tired of being tired. Maybe you got some sort of wake up call from a doctor, spouse or boss. Maybe it was an event or activity that you wished you could have participated in.

Is this the point where you say, “enough is enough?” Is the voice in your head saying, “The time is Now, I’m sick of this?”

It’s time to get real with yourself and cut out the baloney excuses and the lies you’ve been using to convince yourself its ok!! Putting things off until the tomorrow or next week isn’t working! That’s letting life control you instead of you being in control. And you know what? You have control!

So, let’s through the mind chatter and decide to get started. This is how you start when it comes to exercise and fitness!

Determine your Fitness Level

You may already know how fit you are, but it’s always wise to do some sort of fit test first. This will give you a starting point to measure your progress. It’s good to measure your aerobic and muscular fitness, flexibility and body composition. Many people who start P90X use the P90X Fit Test as a starting point to see if they are ready to do such a program. Also take body fat, weigh and measure your body too by using these fitness tools.

Make a Commitment to be Consistent

You must stick with with your plan no matter what. If you find that you aren’t getting to the goals you want, alter them or change your exercise and eating to make them achievable. Do not give up.

Choose an exercise that’s fun

Consider your fitness goals. Are you starting a fitness program to help lose weight? Or do you have another motivation, such as preparing for a marathon? Having clear goals can help you gauge your progress. Choose something that matches your “fitness personality” and that you will stick to! Not all exercise happens in the gym. Commit to riding a bike. Joining a volleyball or basket ball league. Rock climbing or walking. Start with the fun stuff and work your way up. There are many beginner home workout programs that can kick start your fitness plan. Those include Slim in Six, Power 90, Tai Cheng, Hip Hop Abs, Body Gospel and Turbo Jam.

One step at a time

Show up and do the exercise bit by bit and day by day. Modify if you have to, but be sure to make the commitment to show up and put in the time and action.

Do it with a friend, make it competitive

Having a workout partner is one of the most effective ways to be accountable and make your workout fun. Making it a competition is also great for motivation.

Join one of our challenge groups. We have one that busts thru the time excuses using 10 minute workouts! We have one that breaks thru the “I don’t have the energy” excuse is a 21 Day cleanse that helps people get all the energy they could need and even lose an average of 12 pound in just 3 weeks. And we have ones that are 60-90 days with sensible eating, exercise and motivation.

All of our groups include coaching and support within a small group where everyone is on a mission to take control of their lives and make things happen!

Once You Have Started
As you begin your fitness program, keep these tips in mind.

  • Start slowly and build up gradually.
  • Break things up if you have to by doing a few 10 or 15 minute workouts a day. Ten Minute Trainer is a perfect solution for that!
  • Listen to your body. You will be sore, but that should not stop you from exercise. Actually, that is the way to make soreness go away and that’s to exercise through it. Still, if you feel pain, shortness of breath, dizziness or nausea, take a break. You may be pushing yourself too hard.

No more excuses. No more putting it off. The time is now to step up!

Take some time today to reflect on what might be holding you back from reaching your own health and fitness goals to help you grow as a person. By taking massive, determined action to improve your health and fitness, you are making yourself a priority. You are putting yourself first. You are taking control and proving to yourself that you are worth it!

“Success doesn’t come to you…you go to it!” – Marva Collins

Need help in getting started? I’ll coach you!

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