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Core Test For Core Strength And Stability - Put Yourself First

Core Test For Core Strength And Stability


Core Test

Core Test

Ever try a Core Test? A core strength and stability test to see how strong and stabile your core truly is? This year marks the 10 year anniversary since I posted a demonstration of doing the Core Test (listed below)! I was trying to prove to myself my core had gotten stronger after doing P90X for 2 years! I proved myself correctly!

The test takes about 3 minutes to complete.  You start out in a plank position and then throughout the core test you lift various limbs to really test your stability!

Holding plank with a variety of ways to challenge your stability is a great isometric exercise to train your core! Time under tension for your muscles to strengthen and stabilize your spine.

Core Test

Core Strength Test

Core Strength Test

Core Test / Core Stability Test

Use your phone for a stopwatch and place just below you so you can see when to change positions.
Plank Hold – 60 seconds
Lift right arm & Hold – 15 seconds
Lift Left arm & Hold – 15 seconds
Lift right leg & Hold – 15 seconds
Lift Left leg & Hold – 15 seconds
Lift left leg and right arm & Hold – 15 seconds
Lift right leg and left arm & Hold – 15 seconds
Plank Hold – 60 seconds

Here is my podcast on the topic, plus the actual video I demonstrated 10 years ago.


How did you do on this core test? I look forward to hearing about how long you made it through this core test.

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