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Put A Charge Into Life Experiences

Put A Charge Into Life Experiences


Creating moments and putting spice into life keeps you feeling alive, new, refreshed and happy! Here are some ideas!

Take a getaway every 90 days. This can be either by yourself or with a spouse or significant other. It doesn’t have to be a trip around the world. It can be a staycation like somewhere close: a bed-and-breakfast, a hotel, or resort that’s within driving distance of you. It can even be a trip so places around your town or area that you have already seen or read about, but never went. Now is the time!

Put A Charge Into Life Experiences

Do a restaurant tour in your town or surrounding communities. Have a once a week date night or get together with a group of friends every few weeks. Each can host a dinner at their house. These make for charged up and new dining experiences.

Travel. Take a look at your bucket list or the list of places that you have always wanted to go. Have you been going them and crossing them off your list? Now may be the time to start planning that trip. You don’t have to do it every 90 days. Plan for once every year or so to keep things fresh and new.

Put A Charge Into Life Experiences - Travel Chichen Itza

Check out the shows, concerts, sporting events or other events that are happening in around your city each week or weekend. Check out exhibits. A lot of people love going to the movie or the theater but they rarely do make it a weekly habit.

Expand your friend network. I am not talking about Facebook here. Attend different events such as networking events, fundraisers or local events or performances. Check out for other ideas in your area. You make new friendships when you attend these events and it keeps things fresh and new.

Expand Friend Network Put A Charge Into Life Experiences

Learn new skills. Take a look at different skills that you’ve always wanted to learn or always wanted to do. Maybe it’s learning how to ski learning, how to play soccer or even learning how to cook do some craft or becoming a better speakers. Go find a new thing to learn and have fun while you work on mastering it.

These are just a few ideas that really keep life spiced up fresh new full of energy engagement and enthusiasm go for it have fun and be charged.

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