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body beast Archives - Put Yourself First

The Bottom Line Is To Get Results

The Bottom Line Is To Get Results Watch this Power Blast Podcast Episode 460 [FREE CHEAT SHEET] 7 Steps To Get Great Abs ? Whether you go to the gym or do a home workout, the bottom line is to get results. That’s what people are looking for. Especially for the average couch potato […]

Lean Fit Extreme – What’s Your Motto For The Year?

Lean Fit Extreme – What Is Your Motto For The Year? Watch this Power Blast Podcast Episode 459 [FREE CHEAT SHEET] 7 Steps To Get Great Abs ? Lean Fit Extreme! What is your motto for the year? Do you have a theme or mantra you can drive toward to push yourself and show […]

Body Building For Women

Bodybuilding For Women Bodybuilding for women has become increasing popular. For many years, only men competed but today, women participate in the sport of bodybuilding as well. Of course, many women like bodybuilding but have no interest in competition. No matter the interest or degree of muscle mass interested in developing, using the program Body […]

Stories We Make Up In Our Head

Power Blast 373 We tell ourselves stories all the time. We make them up which keeps us from losing eight, staying with a healthy eating plan, walking, jogging, exercising, getting up early and more! “I’m too old” “It’s my genetics” “My back hurts” “My knees are bad” I don’t know about you, but I […]

Red, White & Blue Shakeology Popsicles

Power Blast 329 The new Vanilla Shakeology is so versatile! So many things you can blend with this incredibly healthy shake! So, in honor of Independence Day in the US, I made Red, White and Blue Shakeology Popsicles! They turned out AMAZING. Here is the recipe! Also check put the deal with the workout […]

What’s Your Story?

Power Blast 325 Stories! I have been reading and listening to people’s stories the past few weeks. It’s amazing how each person’s health and fitness journey got started. Most of them start with “I was at an all-time low.” or “I got an early warning sign when I had to go to the Doctor/ER” […]

Simon Lost 65 Pounds with P90X

Power Blast 325 Native New Zealander, Simon Kurth, found himself at a weight well over 300 pounds. He had a scare that sent him to the emergency room. That prompted a decision. Simon bought P90X, pushed play and he transformed his entire life! Check out his story.??Simon’s Transformation Video:

Family Fitness – Be The Influencer

Power Blast 325 Family Fitness! Are you wanting your family to get healthy and fit? How do you do it? Well, it’s starts with you! You need to be the influencer. You need to lead by example! Come and see my family working out together. Hillary and I are working out with my 70 […]

30 Days to Make One Change

Power Blast 324 When it comes to making commitments to improve something in my health and/or fitness, I like to try things in 30 day blocks. This is usually enough time to tell if something works or not. Check out this week’s episode for some great tips to improve one thing per month with […]

Go For It!

Power Blast 323 Memorial Day is the unofficial start of Summer. June is a challenging month for people because they let their defense shields down and think they are being more active and losing weight, when in reality they are sitting inside more because it’s too hot and they are partying more with weekend […]