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healthy eating Archives - Put Yourself First

Megan Davies – New Beachbody Super Trainer – Clean Week

Megan Davies, creator of the new 7-day health and fitness program, Clean Week, is the newest Beachbody Super Trainer. She was winner of the fitness reality show, and she has spent years as a personal trainer, working with clients, earning her NSCA certification, and opening her own gym. Megan shares her story and how you […]

GMO, Baru Nuts and 3 Tips To Live A Super Life – Darin Olien Part 4

Darin Olien gives his insights about GMO, Baru Nuts and 3 Tips To Live A Super Life. I did not know about the hidden secret to GMO and the story of experimenting with adding a fish gene into tomatoes to increase the fruit’s frost-tolerance. Also, we talk about the Baru Nut, a delicious nut which […]

The Life Force Of Water For A Super Life – Darin Olien Part 3

Darin Olien says, everything depends on the water we drink. If we pay attention to the water we have inside of us, we will instantly improve our chances for a vital, thriving life. I am so excited for you to learn from my special guest, Darin Olien, about the single easiest way to improve our […]

Vegan Eating & Building Muscle – Darin Olien Part 2

Vegan eating and muscle building. Many wonder if it can be done! Special guest, Darin Olien, Super Food Hunter, shares his thoughts on eating a plant-based diet and still building muscle. Darin is known as the Indiana Jones of finding the ultimate superfoods. He is the Co-creator of Shakeology & Ultimate Reset, A Superfood Hunter, […]

Darin Olien – Superfood Hunter Part 1

Darin Olien, Superfood Hunter – Part 1 I am so honored and super excited to bring this special guest, Darin Olien, – Super Food Hunter, to you! He will be sharing his wisdom and insights on a variety of topics from traveling the globe in search of high nutrient superfoods, living a super life, 3 […]

Why Do You Really Want To Get Fit?

  Why do you really want to get fit? Have you ever had that question asked and then you give a cliche answer? Most of the time I hear: More Energy Lose weight/ X number of pounds Set an example for my kids My doctor said I needed to lose some weight I am pre […]

Look What We Made With Cauliflower

Power Blast 393 It blows me away the creative things you can make with the vegetable, cauliflower. I mean, I hated vegetables for years! So the thought of making anything with cauliflower seems absurd. Yet here we are making these recipes. Check out these Buffalo “wings” and Pizza make with cauliflower! Delish! For your […]

Top Healthy Habits Of Fit People – Part 1

Power Blast 376 Getting fit and staying fit doesn’t just happen.  There are things that people do to make it work and make it stick! People who reach their health and fitness goals and maintain is, do so by forming habits. Sustainable habits that are healthy.. not starvation, binging or dieting. They live by […]

10 Ways To Get Your Diet Back On Track

Power Blast 370 Did you have a bad food binge? An unhealthy eating weekend? Fall off the nutrition wagon? Here are 10 ways to get your diet back on track. For more solutions, see our website at

Stress Busters That Really Work

At some point in time everyone feels the effects of stress although for certain people the intensity is extreme. While we live in an exciting world of opportunity, we also live in a society that is fast-paced and demanding. Stress is not only the result of things that take place at work or in school […]