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human interest Archives - Put Yourself First

5 Amazing Ways to Start Your Day

Here are 5 amazing ways to start your day. I can pretty much guarantee these will make a difference in all areas of your life. I have done these things sporadically through the past decade with hit and miss results. Once I started putting them together into a morning routine I started noticing great benefits. […]

Yoga is way too hard! Do I have to do it?

Yoga is way too hard! Do I have to do it? Is it necessary in the grand scheme of things? I used to think it was not. Yoga is one of those workouts that always seemed way too boring and “fluffy” too me. I’m sure I had this perspective due to ignorance and maybe a […]

Power Blast Podcast – Episode 236: 15 Tips for Achieving a Lean Body It’s no secret that getting that chiseled, sculpted body takes time, consistent workouts and a variety of exercises. That’s only part of the equation. You see, getting that lean looking body takes “kitchen work.” As Tony Horton says, “Great abs are made in the kitchen.” Setting yourself up for success with what you eat […]

No eating 3 hours before bedtime when trying to lose weight

If your trying to lose weight by eating right and exercising, you probably know that timing is everything when it comes to the eating part.Especially when it comes to late at night. Over the years I have tried to not eat anything 2-3 hours before bedtime. Why? Well, eating at the end of the day […]

Be a Biggest Loser! Have your own finale!

Here’s how to be your own Biggest Loser and have your own finale! This past week has been one of winners …. American Idol, Celebrity Apprentice and of course The Biggest Loser. In case you aren’t familiar, The Biggest Loser is a television show. Overweight contestants attempt to lose the most weight to fight for […]

Superfoods shake improves the way you feel and live, that’s Shakeology!

There are times in your life when you become addicted to an amazing recipe, have a favorite food, or anything chocolate. Yes… chocolate! I have always been a chocolate lover. The fact I can meet my addiction head on with a chocolate superfoods shake that fills me up, makes me feel good and beats my […]

Shakeology superfoods featured on – Many health benefits!

Shakeology’s superfoods were recently featured on in an indepth article titled, “The Superfoods That Could Change the Way You Eat, Feel, and Live.” In this article,’s editor in chief travels to Peru to “experience a trove of life-giving superfoods that just might revolutionize your view of nutrition.” Darin Olien takes Susan through Peru […]

Shakeology 3-Day Cleanse to lose your vacation weight

Just came off another amazing vacation to Mexico! And for the most part, I ate pretty clean! Still, I did indulge in a few things that I don’t typically have from day to day, so am cleaning out the system from “residual toxins” if you will! And I’m doing in in the most fun, easy […]