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loss Archives - Put Yourself First

A Letter Of Forgiveness To Myself

A few years back a mentor of mine was asking if I had ever fully forgiven myself for the death of my wife, Terri Tinsley, who was tragically killed in a car crash back on December 2003. While I was not involved in that accident, I did feel guilt about not having driven her to her […]

The Day We Lost Terri – The Decade For Change Begins

This Decade for Change starts with loss. Numbing loss. This post I will share the events of the day we lost Terri. Yes, it stings to retell it. Yes, the tears still come. Some days I can share this story without any issues at all. Other times, it hits so hard and the emotions surface. […]

A Decade For Change – Finally Sharing The Story Of Loss And Life

Sometimes it hurts to heal. But these lessons need to be shared. I am finally going to tell the story and the lessons learned since a fatal car crash took the life of my first wife, Terri. Some lessons are emotional, some financial, some humanitarian, and some about health and fitness. There are so many […]

Weekly Meal Planner Template for Weight Loss and Good Health

Using a Weekly Meal Planner Template for Weight Loss and Good Health Whether trying to lose unwanted weight, maintain a current weight loss, or even remain fit and healthy, a weekly meal planner template would prove extremely beneficial. Although there are a number of challenges associated with diet and exercise, one in particular that most […]

Eat Chia Seeds for the Health Benefits and Hair Growth

Eat Chia Seeds Did you ever eat chia seeds? Have you ever heard of them? I always thought they were those special novelty plants for making the chia pottery gifts you usually see around Christmas time. I did not know you could eat chia seeds. How did I discover you can eat chia seeds? I […]