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meal replacement shakes Archives - Put Yourself First

Mango Smoothie Berrylicious Cheesecake Shakeology

Mango Smoothie Berrylicious Cheesecake Shakeology! This Mango Smoothie Recipe can be a meal or for dessert! There are 2 variations, Tropical Strawberry and Greenberry, so choose the one that suits your fancy! You will love the cheesecake flavor that comes out in a mango smoothie like this! Tropical Mango Smoothie Berrylicious Cheesecake Shakeology 1 serving of […]

Chocolate Cherry Almond Dream Shakeology – Vegan Smoothie!

Chocolate Cherry Almond Dream Shakeology – Vegan Smoothie! This Vegan Smoothie Recipe is to die for! An amazing blend of ripe dark cherries and almond. Blended with a hint of frozen strawberries to make a smooth Chocolate Vegan Shakeology blend! Chocolate Cherry Almond Dream Shakeology – Vegan Smoothie! 1 serving of Chocolate Vegan Shakeology ½ […]

Chocolate Covered Tropical Strawberry Shakeology

Chocolate covered Tropical Strawberry Shakeology anyone? I love this chocolate covered strawberry shake recipe! When it comes to choosing a gluten free meal replacement, there’s nothing with all the health benefits like Vegan Shakeology. In our house we have different tastes, so we have both Tropical Shakeology and Chocolate Vegan Shakeology flavors! Chocolate covered Tropical […]

Prepping to get lean and fit with the Shakeology cleanse

I got soft and got puffy and I didn’t like it one bit! So, I decided to try this out. While I have done my own variations in the past, I can’t say I did them 100%. In order to reverse a weekend binge or a derailment in food choices, I have found myself replacing […]