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opportunity Archives - Put Yourself First

A Shark Tank Entrepreneur

A Shark Tank Entrepreneur Watch this Power Blast Podcast Episode 463 [FREE CHEAT SHEET] 7 Steps To Get Great Abs ? Have you seen a Shark Tank entrepreneur make their pitch and sweat it out? The hope to score a deal. Some get a deal. Many don’t. It got me thinking about being a […]

Doughnut Holes – Why My Parents Became Team Beachbody Coaches

Watch this Power Blast Podcast Episode 425 Be sure to check out my free video series at In 2008 I was at my parents’ house and sharing with a bunch of friends how they can make money as a Beachbody Coach. After the presentation, my dad came up to me later that afternoon and […]

Letting Yourself Off The Hook Means Missed Opportunities

Power Blast 395 Do you ever find yourself cutting yourself short when it comes to your workouts? Stopping with 3 seconds left in a move? Only doing 10 reps when you can probably do 2 or 3 more? Well, letting yourself off he hook means missed opportunities. They may not seem like much at […]