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P90X Archives - Page 2 of 40 - Put Yourself First

Bonus Workouts for T25 and P90X3

Power Blast 384 Have you ever considered the bonus workouts in programs like T25 or P90X3 and thought, “Are they worth the money? Will I like them?” In this podcast I will share my experience about add-on workouts and my thoughts about these two programs in particular. See if they are right for you! […]

Don’t Sabotage Your Summer

Power Blast 380 Summer is an awesome time of the year to get out, get active and get fit and healthy. So, are you doing it? Are you taking action or sabotaging your results? Here are some tips to maintain your pre-summer results and even finish the summer strong, lean and ripped. For all […]

How To Reduce Muscle Soreness

Power Blast 379 Who gets sore after a brutal workout? Not me!! Yeah, right! That delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS) makes you feel achy and sore to where you can wince while your muscles recover and rebuild. Here are some tips on how to reduce muscle soreness so that you can keep moving forward without […]

Top Healthy Habits Of Fit People – Part 2

Power Blast 377 Last week you learned 5 top healthy habits that fit people do. This week we will cover the remaining 6 tips. There may even be a bonus tip! Let’s face it, getting fit and staying in shape doesn’t just happen.  People form habits and habits form futures when it comes to […]

Stories We Make Up In Our Head

Power Blast 373 We tell ourselves stories all the time. We make them up which keeps us from losing eight, staying with a healthy eating plan, walking, jogging, exercising, getting up early and more! “I’m too old” “It’s my genetics” “My back hurts” “My knees are bad” I don’t know about you, but I […]

T25, 21 Day Fix and P90X3 Do They Work?

Power Blast 372 Recently the results from three programs have been pouring in and I am so impressed with the results. People using T25, 21 Day Fix and P90X3. Do they work? You decide from what I share in this video. For all Fitness Solutions, see our website at

7 Years of Power Blast! Amazing!

Power Blast 369 Happy 7th Year Anniversary Power Blast! A big thank you to all of you friends, family, and fans. For more fitness solutions, see our website at

Free Vacations From Beachbody

Power Blast 368 Climb aboard the S. S. Beachbody cruise ship with me and learn about how to earn extravagant excursions and vacations like this from Beachbody. It’s simple. Help people get what they want and you get rewarded in ways you never dreamed possible. SO many gifts from this company from health and […]

P90X3 Results In 90 Days

Power Blast 367 I do have to say I was rather taken back when I took my Day 1 pictures. Usually, I don’t get sidetracked that much. Perhaps it was a vacation. Perhaps the holidays. Still, no excuses. So, starting P90X3 during the Christmas season was perfect timing to get myself back on track. […]

P90X3 – Elite Block Is Up Next

Power Blast 366 I just finished P90X3. In this video I share my thoughts as I completed the 90 days. It has been an awesome ride and you know what? I am not done! Next up is the P90X3 Elite Block. Yes, one more month. And I love the workouts in this block. Here […]