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weight loss Archives - Put Yourself First

Afraid To Do A Cleanse! Cat Escobar’s Testimonial

Are you afraid to do a cleanse? Listen to Cat Escobar as she shares her journey that started with fear and skepticism when she considered joining my group that was going to do the 21 day cleanse called, Ultimate Reset. She had a major shift and learned a lot! Get ready to listen to her […]

What Is The Best Diet To Lose Weight?

Ever wonder what the best diet to lose weight is? Trying to lose weight is always challenging to some degree. One of the biggest obstacles is trying to determine which diet plan is going to be the most effective, which of course would be unique to the individual, the amount of weight needing to be […]

Paul Rogers Lost 80 Pounds

Paul Rogers Lost 80 Pounds Watch this Power Blast Podcast Episode 436 [FREE CHEAT SHEET] 7 Steps To Get Great Abs ? You never who you might impact! A simple invite can help one person, or perhaps hundreds or thousands. Paul Rogers lost 80 pounds after he initially joined one of our challenge groups. […]

Is The Number On The Scale Holding You Back From Fitness Results?

Is The Number On The Scale Holding You Back From Fitness Results? Watch this Power Blast Podcast Episode 430 Also check out my free video series at Numbers! They are powerful things and they can affect how we think and feel. Certain numbers can make a BIG impact on our lives. Especially our mood […]

It Is Time For A Break…An Ultimate Reset

Just finished P90X3 and got great results! And NOW it’s time for a break! So, I decided to take advantage of the HUGE sale on Ultimate Reset. 21 days for awesome inner body health! In this episode I will share the advantages of doing a program like Ultimate Reset and what to expect! Details of […]

Effective Flat Stomach Exercises Using At-Home Programs

Are You Looking For Flat Stomach Exercises? Regardless if someone wants to look amazing in a swimsuit for summer or just have a better toned body, the first step is to choose the appropriate flat stomach exercises. Obviously, one option involves hitting the gym four or five times a week, which is an excellent solution […]

Tips For Buying Cheap Fitness Equipment

I want to start this post with a disclaimer! I want to point out that in talking about cheap fitness equipment this is a reference to price only, not quality. Obviously, if someone is going to work out at home in an effort to lose weight and get fit, it would be imperative to choose […]

Are You Using Exercise Excuses?

The Most Common Exercise Excuses It has been proven time and time again just how important exercise is not just for appearance but more importantly, health. A common misconception is that in order to lose weight, tone muscle, and promote overall health, you would have to work out several hours a day but as you […]

Top Five Drinking Water Benefits

In order for the human body to survive it must be provided with certain things. For instance, an individual cannot live more than three minutes without air and no more than three days without water. Now, while there have been reports of people surviving up to 10 days without water, this is definitely the exception […]

Preparing for the Perfect Wedding with a Bride Workout

Looking For That Perfect Bride Workout To Get Results And Save Time? The most important day in any woman’s life is her wedding day (OK, it’s important to every man too!) If you are in the process of planning the perfect wedding, chances are good your plate is overflowing with multiple tasks and responsibilities. However, […]