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work out Archives - Put Yourself First

Coach Summit 2016 Highlights

Coach Summit 2016 Highlights Watch this Power Blast Podcast Episode 490 [FREE CHEAT SHEET] 7 Steps To Get Great Abs ? Come and walk with me along the Boise Greenbelt as I share the Coach Summit 2016 Highlights! So many cool things from this event! It was totally off the hook with workouts, trainings, […]

How To Get Motivated

Power Blast 411 Looking for ways on how to get motivated to exercise and get healthy and fit? I mean, it’s easy to feel like “I just don’t want to do it.” Well, motivation typically is one of those by-products of action, or actively engaging in activity like exercise and choosing to each healthy […]

The BS Stories We Tell Ourselves

Power Blast 406 The BS stories we tell ourselves do not define us. But often we let them control and restrict us! Once you decide to call BS on the story in your head, you can get beyond what is holding you back. You can accomplish amazing things! Fitness, health, finances, love and more! […]

P90 Review – Ab Ripper B

Power Blast 404 This Ab Ripper workout comes in the second phase of the all new P90 from Tony Horton. Here is my review of the Ab Ripper B workout! Tony ups the ante by adding in 5 new moves. And one of them is my nemesis! Take a look at this P90 Review […]

P90 Review – Ab Ripper A

Power Blast 401 Here is a review of the Ab Ripper A workout program from all new P90 program by Tony Horton! It’s short and sweet and hits the abs and the core in all the right spots. You won’t just breeze your way through this one. Some moves will take some time to […]

Seeing Things Differently

Power Blast 399 Have you ever looked at something and then looked at it again, perhaps in a different light, at a different time or from a different angle? Many times what you thought you saw or what you remembered is totally different from the first time. Many things are worth a second look, […]

P90 Review – Sweat A

Power Blast 398 Here is a review of the Sweat A workout program from all new P90 program by Tony Horton! This program goes by fast! It’s only 25 minutes!This is a cardio workout that brings in agility, core and MMX (mixed martial arts) with some punches and a few knee kicks. This is […]

P90 Review – Sculpt A

Power Blast 397 Join me for a review of the all new P90 program by Tony Horton! Today I am sharing a workout called Sculpt A. This is a strength and resistance workout for the upper and lower body as well as core and balance. A great workout for someone just starting out with […]

April B. Overcomes Lyme Disease And Fibromyalgia – Her Shakeology Story

Power Blast 396 Listen to this amazing story of April Berrett. Mother of two and wife of Nate Berrett, April battled Lyme Disease, Fibromyalgia and a host of other issues and didn’t even know it. Through a fluke diagnosis and treatments she came to discover, “You put good things into your body and your […]

Letting Yourself Off The Hook Means Missed Opportunities

Power Blast 395 Do you ever find yourself cutting yourself short when it comes to your workouts? Stopping with 3 seconds left in a move? Only doing 10 reps when you can probably do 2 or 3 more? Well, letting yourself off he hook means missed opportunities. They may not seem like much at […]