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workout Archives - Put Yourself First

Your Healthy Formula

Your Healthy Formula Power Blast Podcast Episode 558 Free Cheat Sheet: 7 Steps To Great Abs at What is your healthy formula? When someone is faced with the desire to live a healthier life; whether it’s because they need to or because they want to, the struggle to make lasting change is real. That’s […]

Time Saving Tips For Busy Moms And Dads

Time Saving Tips For Busy Moms And Dads Power Blast Podcast Episode 557 Free Cheat Sheet: 7 Steps To Great Abs at For most moms and dad’s “free time” just doesn’t exist. Getting time to yourself to exercise and make healthy meals seems so elusive when you have to get kids to their events, […]

I Hit Rock Bottom When My Wife Was Killed In A Crash

I hit rock bottom when my wife was killed in a car crash! Shock. Numbness. Loneliness. Depression. Whirlwinds of emotion. We had been on a journey of health, fitness, German Shepherd Rescue, Home Business. All came crashing down with a ring of a doorbell. Here is my story about what I did when I was […]

Afraid To Do A Cleanse! Cat Escobar’s Testimonial

Are you afraid to do a cleanse? Listen to Cat Escobar as she shares her journey that started with fear and skepticism when she considered joining my group that was going to do the 21 day cleanse called, Ultimate Reset. She had a major shift and learned a lot! Get ready to listen to her […]

Tips To Relieve Back Pain

Listen to the Power Blast Podcast Episode 553 Tips To Relieve Back Pain Join me and my Special Guest, Dr. Nate Berrett, as we talk about tips to relieve back pain. Most back pain is preventable. But there are a few easy tricks and habits you can do daily to make your back feel better and relieve […]

How To Live A Happy Life

  When I was searching for how to live a happy life, there was one person that popped into my head! My friend, Joan Neustifter Riedel, is one I see who lives a happy life. So I asked her is she would share her tips on how to live a happy life! I know that […]

Uncertainty And Comfort Zones

Adding adventure and excitement in your life will no doubt take you out of your comfort zone at some point. Whether it’s to take on a new career, get new skills, do something out of character or get fit and healthy! Sometimes you have to face things that are uncertain and sometimes scary! But you […]

Working Out When Traveling

Do you workout when you are traveling? Do you stick to your fitness routing when you are on the road? Today’s episode we will talk about different ways to take advantage of opportunities to stay fit on the road! Working Out When Traveling Power Blast Podcast Episode 550 Free Cheat Sheet: 7 Steps To Great […]

Worry Less! Live More! Just For Today!

Are you a worrier? Want to worry less and live more? I have been reading a book by Dale Carnegie, How to Stop Worrying and Start Living. In today’s podcast I will share the Just For Today list from that book and how you can apply it you can worry less and live more! Live […]

Megan Davies – New Beachbody Super Trainer – Clean Week

Megan Davies, creator of the new 7-day health and fitness program, Clean Week, is the newest Beachbody Super Trainer. She was winner of the fitness reality show, and she has spent years as a personal trainer, working with clients, earning her NSCA certification, and opening her own gym. Megan shares her story and how you […]