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Les Mills Pump Insanity Workout Hybrid

Les Mills Pump Insanity Workout Hybrid

Les Mills Pump - Insanity Hybrid

I’m thinking of doing a Les Mills Pump Insanity Workout Hybrid!

Every so often you find a workout program that you really click with and that really gives you great results! This past Spring I had an absolute blast with Les Mills Pump and got great results. I started the program right after I got done with the Ultimate Reset 21-day program, so I was primed to take on this program.

For those of you who are wondering what Les Mills Pump is, it’s a home fitness DVD training series that is based on the Les Mills BodyPump classes, which are held in over 14,000 gyms across 80 countries worldwide. Word on the street is that over 3 million people attend each and every week. So, it’s quite popular and effective. You probably have classes in your town!

Now that I have done Pump, I am looking to mix it up a bit. Les Mills Pump has you using barbells with high repetitions to build lean muscle fast! You work out 3 times a week over a 90-day period. On alternating days you are free to blend in your own cardio/walk/rest workouts. I am looking to doing the Insanity workout to hybrid with Pump.

I found a hybrid online that I think will fit the bill. It’s in PDF format. A member of the Team Beachbody Community created this calendar and it actually goes for 18 weeks! I thought I would share it here in case you wanted to give it a try! Here is a Les Mills Pump and Insanity workout schedule to get incredible results from these two amazing programs!

insanity workout and les mills pump hybrid

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