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build muscle Archives - Put Yourself First

Hammer And Chisel – What To Expect In This Workout

Hammer and Chisel is coming and many people are fired up with all the results coming out of the Coach Test Group. I was one of those participants in The Master’s Hammer and Chisel Coach Test Group. I am often asked what to expect in this workout in just 60 days. One thing you can expect for […]

Top 3 Reasons To Workout

What Are Your Top 3 Reasons To Workout?  Today I turned 51. And I am so happy about it. Seriously. I know many people dread birthdays. I guess I used to as well. Felt like I wasn’t getting anywhere in life. Living paycheck to paycheck and dealing with aches and pains of aging, getting fatter, […]

Overcoming Addiction – Getting Fit

Overcoming Addiction – Getting Fit Watch this Power Blast Podcast Episode 428 Also check out my free video series at Please don’t judge me. I used to be a smoker. I smoked about 2 packs a day. Sure I quit here and there, but started up again. Nicotine Addiction. As you would expect, in […]

Are You Taking Your Body For Granted?

Are you taking your body for granted? Watch this Power Blast Podcast Episode 427 Also check out my free video series at You have only One Body. Are you taking your body for granted? Often, when I ask people their health and fitness goals I hear “Lose X pounds” “Get Toned” “Get healthier” Have […]

Empower Yourself When Life Throws You Curveballs

Watch this Power Blast Podcast Episode 426 Be sure to check out my free video series at Let’s face it. Life is challenging. You will face loss. You will face failures. You will face struggles. Here is how to empower yourself when life throws you curveballs. When life is out of control, you need […]

Simple Fast Effective Workouts

Watch this Power Blast Podcast Episode 423 Be sure to check out my free video series at Are you looking for simple fast effective workouts? And ones that are convenient and get results? Many people I know are way short on time, but know they need to exercise and eat right. As the years […]

Inner Strength

Watch Power Blast Podcast Episode 422 and check out Inner Strength! We can all improve in this area! I loved reading a recent post by Chalene Johnson where she posted, “Fitness is for many the first step that sparks a desire to change the inside. Many realize that if they have the power to […]

21 Day Fix Ab Workout

Watch This Video From Power Blast 421 The 21 Day Fix ab workout is straight forward and gets the job done! Lots of crunches. Lots of twists. Now, while they don’t sound like the most fun, they get the job done and lead to strength for other core exercises. It’s a great way to […]

Sommer Lost Over 20 Inches in 42 Days

Power Blast 420 Sommer lost over 20 inches in 42 days. How did she do it? Well, she participated in our 21 day Get Your Fix challenge and then stuck to the plan. She engaged in the group and got results.Was it simple? did she have some obstacles? Does she have some tips? Join […]

Just Make Progress

Power Blast 419 It’s so easy to look at before and after photos, and be frustrated because that goal seem so far away. The goal seems to big or unachievable. I get it. I have been there. Sometimes taking away the long term goal and chipping away at just small doable daily actions is […]