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food as fuel Archives - Put Yourself First

Surviving a Weekend of Binge Eating

Here’s a few tips to surviving a weekend of binge eating. It’s very easy to stay disciplined during the week with your workouts and eating plan. The reason is that people have structure to their week with work, meals and evening activities. Monday through Thursday are typically “stay on track” days. Usually, people let their […]

Body Beast Breakfast Burrito Muscle Meal

If you are doing a muscle building program like Body Beast or P90X, you will want a muscle meal that’s protein-packed! Power up with this Body Beast Breakfast Burrito. Food is fuel! These are great for breakfast, snacks, any time! Since starting Body Beast, I find that I need to eat a lof of good […]

FOOD: Fuel or Instrument of Death?

I am a subscriber to Success Magazine and also to the blog done by the editor, Darren Hardy. In my mailbox today, he had a blog post titled, “The No. 2 Instrument of Death.“ We are in a crisis that IS WITHIN OUR CONTROL and it fills me with pride that we have a solution […]