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lifestyle Archives - Put Yourself First

What Will You Be Able To Do When You Are Fit?

Power Blast 387 It’s the little things that matter. Details. Consistent, small daily actions. This episode is all about those little things that will enable you to do BIG things! Conquering mountains is a step by step process. We have solutions for that! What will you be able to do when you are fit? […]

Getting Support For Your Healthy Lifestyle

Power Blast 332 When it comes to making a decision to lead a healthy lifestyle, getting support from family and friends can make all the difference. But what if you do not get that support? Staring a healthy lifestyle is exciting. It is important to identify exactly what you want to exercise and eat […]

Daily Gratitude – Make Thanksgiving An Every Day Habit

Daily Gratitude – Make Thanksgiving An Every Day Habit Today is a holiday and reminder of daily gratitude and appreciation for all things in life. Especially family and friends. Today is Thanksgiving. Actually every day is Thanksgiving. We just officially recognize it as a holiday here in the United States in November. A special vibe […]

It’s The Small Choices That Compound Into Big Success Or Failure

It’s the small choices that compound into big success or failure It’s the small choices that compound into big success or failure. When it comes to your exercise and eating habits become very aware of the different choices you are and could be making. Which ones are working for you and which are working against […]

Workout programs that chisel your body for an amazing lifestyle

After turning 47 this month I did a Power Blast Podcast on how P90X really took my health to new levels. It was really apparent when we attended the state fair and all of it’s temptation nightmares, when people approached me and asked if P90X really worked. How validating and what a compliment. Not only […]

Why I Decided to become a Team Beachbody Coach

I have many reasons for becoming a coach. The main one… I wanted to help people adopt a healthy lifestyle and experience the amazing changes that I had! I have been providing free coaching since 2004 with Beachbody and am thoroughly enjoying the relationships and friends I have made along the way. Not to mention […]