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love Archives - Put Yourself First

Forgiving Yourself Is So Hard

Forgiving yourself is so hard, especially when it comes to losing a loved one. It’s easy to start blaming things, people and the events themselves. As you learned in “The Day We Lost Terri” she had to go to a dental appointment the morning of her death for a root canal. That was one major […]

The Day We Lost Terri – The Decade For Change Begins

This Decade for Change starts with loss. Numbing loss. This post I will share the events of the day we lost Terri. Yes, it stings to retell it. Yes, the tears still come. Some days I can share this story without any issues at all. Other times, it hits so hard and the emotions surface. […]

A Decade For Change – Finally Sharing The Story Of Loss And Life

Sometimes it hurts to heal. But these lessons need to be shared. I am finally going to tell the story and the lessons learned since a fatal car crash took the life of my first wife, Terri. Some lessons are emotional, some financial, some humanitarian, and some about health and fitness. There are so many […]

In the Blink of an Eye…

…it all can change. That became quite evident on my drive home last weekend. My fiance has been telling me to pay close attention to my instincts. She’s has clued me into something she calls “inspired action.” After a long day of waiting, delays and testing my patience, Hillary and I had a discussion that […]