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protein Archives - Put Yourself First

Veterinarian Melissa Tucker Loses 85 Pounds With T25

Power Blast 392 After years of Veterinary School and residency, Melissa Tucker found herself weighing 260 pounds and wearing size 24 pants. Poor eating habits and stress eating were a struggle. She is an avid skier and loves to rock climb, but her weight kept her from enjoying those activities. Then came an invitation […]

Powered Up Oatmeal

Power Blast 391 Back in the day I used to power up my oatmeal with whey protein, berries, flax seed meal, and nuts. I had a lot of goto recipes I really enjoyed. Recently, I met with the co-founder, Simon Danato, of Stoked Oats and I was very impressed with their gluten free powered […]

Chocolate Cherry Oatmeal

Filmed back in 2007, this was a clip from Power Blast Podcast episode 18 on making my Powered Up Oatmeal!

Bonus Workouts for T25 and P90X3

Power Blast 384 Have you ever considered the bonus workouts in programs like T25 or P90X3 and thought, “Are they worth the money? Will I like them?” In this podcast I will share my experience about add-on workouts and my thoughts about these two programs in particular. See if they are right for you! […]

Stories We Make Up In Our Head

Power Blast 373 We tell ourselves stories all the time. We make them up which keeps us from losing eight, staying with a healthy eating plan, walking, jogging, exercising, getting up early and more! “I’m too old” “It’s my genetics” “My back hurts” “My knees are bad” I don’t know about you, but I […]

Free Vacations From Beachbody

Power Blast 368 Climb aboard the S. S. Beachbody cruise ship with me and learn about how to earn extravagant excursions and vacations like this from Beachbody. It’s simple. Help people get what they want and you get rewarded in ways you never dreamed possible. SO many gifts from this company from health and […]

P90X3 Results In 90 Days

Power Blast 367 I do have to say I was rather taken back when I took my Day 1 pictures. Usually, I don’t get sidetracked that much. Perhaps it was a vacation. Perhaps the holidays. Still, no excuses. So, starting P90X3 during the Christmas season was perfect timing to get myself back on track. […]

P90X3 – Elite Block Is Up Next

Power Blast 366 I just finished P90X3. In this video I share my thoughts as I completed the 90 days. It has been an awesome ride and you know what? I am not done! Next up is the P90X3 Elite Block. Yes, one more month. And I love the workouts in this block. Here […]

21 Day Fix Results

Power Blast 365 What to know what to expect with the 21 Day Fix? All I keep asking myself is, “Where did those 3 weeks go?” they blew by and this plan was super simple to follow and I had really great results. I did get sidetracked a few times and I will share […]

P90X3 Ab Ripper Workout

Power Blast 364 Want to know how to incinerate your abs into a washboard 6 pack? Well this 15 minute burner brings about core strength and has the potential to even bring you that 8 pack. Here is my experience with this P90X3 Ab Ripper workout where a few of the moves had me […]