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t25 Archives - Put Yourself First

Paul Rogers Lost 80 Pounds

Paul Rogers Lost 80 Pounds Watch this Power Blast Podcast Episode 436 [FREE CHEAT SHEET] 7 Steps To Get Great Abs ? You never who you might impact! A simple invite can help one person, or perhaps hundreds or thousands. Paul Rogers lost 80 pounds after he initially joined one of our challenge groups. […]

Veterinarian Melissa Tucker Loses 85 Pounds With T25

Power Blast 392 After years of Veterinary School and residency, Melissa Tucker found herself weighing 260 pounds and wearing size 24 pants. Poor eating habits and stress eating were a struggle. She is an avid skier and loves to rock climb, but her weight kept her from enjoying those activities. Then came an invitation […]

No Time To Exercise? Try These

Power Blast 386 Most people know the number one excuse not to exercise is time. People believe that they don’t have time (when they really do) and often will rationalize putting off exercise until this magical time turn is given to them so they can have more time. This is most people, not you, […]

Bonus Workouts for T25 and P90X3

Power Blast 384 Have you ever considered the bonus workouts in programs like T25 or P90X3 and thought, “Are they worth the money? Will I like them?” In this podcast I will share my experience about add-on workouts and my thoughts about these two programs in particular. See if they are right for you! […]

T25, 21 Day Fix and P90X3 Do They Work?

Power Blast 372 Recently the results from three programs have been pouring in and I am so impressed with the results. People using T25, 21 Day Fix and P90X3. Do they work? You decide from what I share in this video. For all Fitness Solutions, see our website at

Are You Using Exercise Excuses?

The Most Common Exercise Excuses It has been proven time and time again just how important exercise is not just for appearance but more importantly, health. A common misconception is that in order to lose weight, tone muscle, and promote overall health, you would have to work out several hours a day but as you […]

Healthy Lifestyle Changes – Get Support

When it comes to making a decision to lead a healthy lifestyle, getting support from family and friends can make all the difference. But what if you do not get that support? Staring a healthy lifestyle is exciting. It is important to identify exactly what you want to exercise and eat right. Have that clearly […]

Red, White & Blue Shakeology Popsicles

Power Blast 329 The new Vanilla Shakeology is so versatile! So many things you can blend with this incredibly healthy shake! So, in honor of Independence Day in the US, I made Red, White and Blue Shakeology Popsicles! They turned out AMAZING. Here is the recipe! Also check put the deal with the workout […]

Focus T25 and $100,000

Power Blast 327 HUGE NEWS! Yecenia Caban Jimenez and Andy Arreaga won their respective categories in the Beachbody Challenge. Watch this week’s episode to discover how $150,000 was given to amazing people on Team Power Blast and Team Day by Day! Also learn about the new T25. I have a copy hot off the […]

Focus T25 live at Disney World

Power Blast 319 Shaun T has a new workout coming out called Focus T25. Get your free account with me and I will get you on the HOT LIST to learn about it’s official release! I got to do a Focus T25 live workout with Shaun T in Disney World and it was awesome! […]